Bodykits for your Generation 7 Celica, mk3 mr2,  C360, C430 and more coming soon..



Uk based in South Yorkshire home of Italian style bodykits and accessories.

Our kits are based on the Toyota Celica generation 7.

We believe this is the best base car out there for the money being spent to build these kit cars

The Celica is a modern sporty coupe with the bonus of 4 seats 190bhp as standard and more importantly the wheel base is the same as the original so right from the start there is no compromise!


Our kits are quality made and are now easier to build unlike other old kits like the 355.

The newer C360 and C430 kits are so easy even the beginner can get it done.

We can supply the kits with different options to suit your budget, so you can buy as you go along or get a better deal when you buy the complete package.

for more info on the packages go the kit page you are interested in.


This is just the start of what we will be doing and we have many more kits in the pipe line for the future, So if you like what you see keep coming back to see what we will be planning next.

Supercarkits custom bodykits for the generation 7 Celica.

Aerodynamic components.

Don't just settle for the standard look! Be different and get our complete Custom kit.

Fantastic upgrades from the front apron to the rear multi-piece adjustable diffuser.

 In addition we also offer spectacularly shaped and aerodynamically efficient rear spoiler wings for both the C360 and C430 models. Sideskirt wings also make the C360 / C430  look even more exclusive.










Celica to C430

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